Pain relief wearable applications that took center stage at the HLTH 2022 Conference.
The prescription for a healthy partnership.

The Problem

Medtech startup Soovu System had already built first-cut native iOS and Android apps for its Bluetooth Low Energy connected pain relief therapy system, but it needed support to prepare them for market release.

The Task

Soovu tasked us with updating app designs and user flows, achieving parity across platforms, and supporting both consumer and clinical trial versions of the apps.

To generate useful business insights, Soovu also wanted an internal web-based tool that integrated its own platform data with 3rd party partner data in order to monitor usage of the product and manage users of the platform.

The Solution

We helped prepare Soovu’s Bluetooth-connected pain therapy device applications for market release, as well as delivered a robust, scalable dashboard that gathers business insights as it grows.
Technically Speaking
Provided an architectural consultation for Soovu’s iOS and Android codebase structure and deployment needs.
Executed hands-on delivery to achieve feature parity and design modernization, plus a strategy and roadmap for converting the iOS application to SwiftUI in the future.
Designed and implemented a web-based dashboard, mid-tier serverless integration layer, and database solution to aggregate, process, and surface usage insights and provide user management capabilities.

The Outcome

Apps were ready in time to be featured at HLTH 2022 Conference, where Soovu successfully began onboarding commercial clients.
Named a Geekwire UX Design of the Year finalist in 2023.
We remain a technology partner providing support and feature enhancement as the platform grows.

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