Charter / Spectrum

A design system to merge 3 massive telecom brands, 13 customer portals, and 31 million customers.
Zero connectivity issues, here.

The Problem

After the merger of three massive enterprise brands, Charter Spectrum needed an expansive new design system.

The Task

Charter Spectrum tasked us with building upon their existing design system to encompass three enterprise brands capable of supporting a wide range of technologies run by multiple, diverse teams responsible for 13 customer portals serving over 31 million customers. 

The Solution

We helped Charter Spectrum create the Kite Design System — an internal product encapsulating the components, tools, and patterns for product delivery, as well as supporting and evangelizing a full suite of design, accessibility, and brand requirements. 
Technically Speaking
The Design System:
Includes design tokens, HTML/CSS core componentry, and framework-specific implementations across Angular, React, and Vue.
Enables component reuse and significant economies of scale, company-wide.
Includes custom DevOps pipelines to enable releases with semantic versioning and multiple consumption methods, including monorepo and npm.
Delivers and provides governance for strict B2C accessibility requirements across the enterprise.
Provides rapid platform revisions based on direct consumer feedback.
We also designed and built a code-level analysis tool to measure and report on the ROI and customer value of design systems.
We embedded within key client teams to support the system’s consumption internally. 

The Outcome

Supports over 40 teams in the Charter Spectrum Ecosystem.
Delivered millions of dollars in ROI, and counting.
Formed a dedicated internal team to manage and evolve the platform based on robust analytics and reporting.
Continually justifies our client’s investment across a growing footprint of technologies and use cases.
Our design system was a skunk-works proof of concept project that drew a lot of skepticism. With Crux, we introduced a more mature and systematic tool chain experience to iterate, build, distribute, learn and repeat.
Sr. Manager of Design Systems at Charter Spectrum

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