GE Renewable Energy

Build a single pane of glass experience to monitor 40,000+ wind turbines across the globe?
Sounds like a breeze.

The Problem

To manage the lifecycle of its global fleet of wind, hydro and solar renewable assets, GE Renewable Energy was relying on multiple outdated legacy systems to monitor, analyze, and maintain its complex machines. This disconnected set of tools and inefficient processes made it difficult for operators to manage their renewable assets.

The Task

GE Renewable Energy wanted us to consolidate these functions into a single pane of glass experience with an architecture robust enough to support massive technical and organizational complexity. 

They also wanted us to infuse our ‘startup delivery culture’ into the organization to help their talented team members grow professionally.

The Solution

We architected and delivered Lifespan — a modern, multi-tenant application for visualizing massive datasets, inspecting turbines for damage, managing maintenance cycles, generating BI reports and other mission critical functions, contributing to $3 million a year in overhead savings.
Technically Speaking
We architected, managed and implemented the front-end and mid-tier of the platform.
The system leverages React, HighCharts, React Query, NodeJS/Lambda, DynamoDb, and a robust DevOps suite designed to support developer experience and infrastructure cost efficiency.
We evolved Lifespan over the course of three years, from a simple front-end prototype to a performant, multi-language, themed production enterprise solution capable of delivering complex, power-grid level security permissions management. 
We helped modernize the organization’s overall developer experience and culture  by infusing expert practitioner leadership into GE’s software development lifecycle and DevOps processes.

The Outcome

GE Renewable announced the release of Lifespan in August 2022.
Multiple customers now rely on the platform with over 2,000 active users and growing.
GE eliminated reliance on its old infrastructure, recapturing over $3 million a year in overhead.
“Crux Digital stands out from the crowded landscape of software engineering firms by aligning deep technical talent, agile software development, and a willingness to challenge their clients. The Crux team has been a vital partner, a significant contributor to our successful product development, and supported our transformation to a world-class software team through continuous best practice sharing.”
Brian Case, CDO @ GE Renewable Energy

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