Who We Are

Your most ambitious digital
product ideas, realized

Throw a stone in almost any direction and you’re likely to hit a dev shop — but how many have the goods to truly deliver on your vision? 

At Crux Digital, we’re a digital product agency that thrives on the opportunity to turn your most complex problems and ambitious ideas into intelligent digital products with elegance and function. In other words: Yeah, we can build that. 



There’s a reason they say ‘teamwork makes the dream work.’ We understand that no one knows your business or customer better than you. That’s why we work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, every step of the way, blending your internal intelligence with our highly-refined process of design, development and product strategy. 

Together, we create digital experiences that resonate with your customers and take your business to the next level — and, should it make your competitors jealous, well, that’s just a risk we’re willing to take.
  • Design System Strategy
  • Build & Deployment Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Prototype Development
  • Concept to Production
  • New Product to Market
  • Enterprise Technical Architecture


Setting a new digital product standard.

Bigger firms often blow a lot of smoke before finally getting to the real work. At Crux Digital, we give it to you straight so we can get it done fast — and with better results. Our lean team of expert critical thinkers consistently produce smart, efficient, well-crafted digital products that provide meaningful value to your company and customers, delivered with pixel-perfect precision and a whole lot of passion.


We Provide for Leaders
at Every Scale,
in Every Industry

Brian Case
“Crux Digital stands out from the crowded landscape of software engineering firms by aligning deep technical talent, agile software development, and a willingness to challenge their clients. The Crux team has been a vital partner, a significant contributor to our successful product development, and supported our transformation to a world-class software team through continuous best practice sharing.” – Brian Case, CDO @ GE Renewable Energy
Sam Ashley
“Working with Crux Digital on our internal design system has been a fantastic experience. Prior to this engagement, our design system was a skunk-works proof of concept project that drew a lot of skepticism. With Crux involved, we’ve been able to introduce additional tooling and libraries that have provided a more mature and systematic way to iterate, build, distribute, learn and repeat. With this increase in tool chain maturity comes increased trust from our consumers, as well as leadership recognition of our team’s value.  – Sam Ashley, Sr Manager Design Systems @ Charter / Spectrum
Ann Marie
“My experience with Crux Digital was top notch. I outsourced the design and development of our next generation platform to Crux. Having worked with Crux in the past, I knew I could trust them as a thought partner, to consider our needs as if it was their own technical organization and follow through on design and development in a timely and thorough manner. Whether I needed architectural support, full stack developers or UX expertise, they pulled the right people, who clearly knew their trade. Crux is very honest and upfront and genuinely cares about the success of their clients.” – Ann Marie O’Connor, CEO @ GeoLens

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