A pixel-perfect observability platform market-ready in only six months?
Yeah, we can manage that.

The Problem

Industrial plant managers needed a better tool for identifying and responding to anomalous behavior in their manufacturing processes. built a prototype in Grafana to validate product market fit, but the 3rd party platform would not support commercial needs. As a seed-funded startup looking to support its fundraising efforts, needed a solution — and fast.

The Task asked us to help build a front-end platform capable of supporting large commercial clients to visualize large, high-density time-series datasets.

The Solution

Together with and a global team of designers and developers, we built the Controlrooms.AI Observability Platform — a platform that supports speed to market, future scalability, and pixel-perfect delivery of complex interactive visualizations. 
Technically Speaking
Incorporated React, D3js, Auth0, React Query, and a robust front-end CI/CD process in GitHub Actions into the product.
Microservices analyze large-scale time series data in near-real time and the UI renders millions of data points without any impact to UI performance.
Implemented a theme-able design system (created by our design partner, Futuredraft) to create a scalable component library that not only maximizes developer efficiency during the product’s PLG-driven evolution but also ensures consistent user experiences for ControlRoom.AI‘s growing customer base.

The Outcome

We delivered a working, market-ready application in only 6 months. has taken the functional application to market with multiple enterprise-level clients, including OCI N.V., a leader in decarbonization of food, fuels, and feedstock.
The product and underlying technology are actively supporting commercial users, as well as the client’s ongoing fundraising efforts.

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