Application infrastructure in an instant.

Looking to go-to-market quickly? Our Delivery Accelerators are a customizable, off-the-shelf solution for application infrastructure that enables your company to deliver market-ready products in a fraction of the time.
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What is a Delivery Accelerator?

The modern technical landscape is complex and fast-moving. Our delivery accelerators are a way to “skip the line” and begin generating product value as soon as the next day.
Our team has been building custom applications for decades, leveraging the latest tools and processes, while applying our growing wealth of expertise to each new project. Now, we are excited to apply our learnings for your benefit, with off-the-shelf packages of pre-configured tools and services that support the core of most modern SaaS applications.

Why Do I Need a Delivery Accelerator?

If you have ever built a digital product, you know that the early stages are laden with harried sprints to develop technical boilerplate, long before you can celebrate tangible progress toward your vision.

With our delivery accelerators — a package of customizable and scalable pre-configured tools and services — your product experts can bypass this mission-critical and time-consuming process to focus on feature delivery.

How it Works.

Customize Your Accelerator
After a quick consultation, we pre-package the right bundle for your specific needs.
Purchase a License
We then grant a license-in-perpetuity for your customizable, pre-built package.
Step 3: Set it up (done by the Crux team)
Once you purchase your license, we help you set up and configure everything so that you can get to work right away.
Step 4: Deploy
That’s it. You can deploy and get started delivering features immediately.
In only a few days, your application infrastructure will be equipped with a standard codebase structure with built-in code style conventions, a developer-friendly build process and basic Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), a deployment pipeline leveraging industry standard technologies and efficient and scalable cloud services, pre-configured security with authentication and authorization, and default integration with a modern production observability platform.

The package includes everything you need to go-to-market quickly, with a technology stack that will attract top industry talent when you are ready to scale your team.

The Nuts & Bolts of Our Delivery Accelerators.

Bootstrapped JS Codebase

Bootstrapped JavaScript monorepo codebase configured to support a single application or multiple applications (web apps, marketing sites, browser extensions, reusable libraries, APIs, and more).

Modern Front-End

Modern, “future-resistant” frontend tooling with support for server-side rendering (SSR), static site generation (SSG), and client-side state management with WebSocket subscriptions pre-configured (NextJS + GraphQL).

Test Libraries

Test libraries installed and configured for unit and end-to-end tests (Jest, Cypress/Playwright).

DB Management

Database configuration management including automation of SQL migrations and data seeding.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (Terraform) configured with cloud-based build pipelines (GitHub Actions) to support environment management and compliance auditing.

Robust Build Process

Robust build process with tuned caching to minimize build times by limiting processing to only changed code (Nx / Turborepo).

Code Analysis

Static code analysis implemented and configured to enforce code style best practices to maintain consistency and avoid common bugs.

Deployment Packaging

Deployment packaging to support moving a single tested code asset through environments (dev to production) to support trusted automated continuous delivery.

Cloud Infrastructure

Pre-configured cloud infrastructure for deploying frontend code in multiple environments in a performant and cost-effective way.

Ephemeral Branching

Ephemeral branching to preview development work before product and design acceptance without the infrastructure costs.

Production Observability

Instrumentation for production observability to monitor performance, user experience, and provide immediate visibility into client-side errors.

Ready to Get Started?